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Overcomer Coach 
Anna Johnson

Speaker, Author, Coach & Mom of 8

Anna Johnson is a servant of the Most High God, a follower of Yahshua, wife, a mother of 8, and a grandmother of 6. Anna has a Masters in Social Work, and is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has over 10 years of experience working in the mental health field. Her field of experience includes working with women, children, families, and couples. 


Anna was inspired by the Heavenly Father to take years of knowledge and experience and dedicate it to the healing of the Body. In her experience as a therapist, she became aware that believers are struggling from the same issues as non-believers. As Anna sought wisdom regarding this matter, The Most High called her to help the Body as a coach, assisting them in overcoming life/spiritual challenges.

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"I’m passionate about overcoming challenges and embracing victory! Anna has been my inspiration and overcomer coach. Her retreats have been overwhelmingly positive for me and I've become a much better person! This book is Highly highly recommend!"

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Overcoming Daily Podcast

Season 3

Testimonies Of The Overcomer


Dive into The Overcoming Daily Podcast as Anna Johnson shares tips on how to DAILY OVERCOME all of life's challenges! You are an overcomer, and you are called to overcome!

Overcomer Retreat Anna Johnson
Overcomer Retreat 2023


Join in a weekend full of encouragement, empowerment and overcoming! We'll unpack our challenges, learn strategies to overcome and develop confidence in our overcomer status.

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“This showed me challenges I didn't even knew I had that now I can overcome. At this retreat, you walk away with the tools you need to overcome daily.”

Garrett & Brandi M.

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“I've been a coaching client of Anna's for a while. I didn't think I needed this retreat. But in one weekend I feel like I accomplished a year's worth of weekly coaching. I'm so thankful I came.”

Latisha V.

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“Coming to this retreat, I felt like I had a spiritual mikvah. This was an eye-opening and soul-searching event. I needed the tips and the reminder that I am an overcomer.”

Willie & Deb C.


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